Burning Daylight

Jez O’Neill knows she has three years, two months, and sixteen days to live.

She’s had visions for as long as she can remember.  She knows they’re never wrong.  And when the boy her visions say will someday kill her comes into her life, she knows to stay far away.

But somehow he gets close anyways.  Because Jared is perfect.  He’s handsome, he’s charming, he’s utterly, unbearably sweet.  And when he learns of Jez’s visions, he promises to cheat Death for her.  An interest in New Age turns into an obsession with the occult, and that leads to tiny cracks in the walls of the world, where strange and untrustworthy spirits wait to barter with anyone desperate enough to try.

Magic, however, always comes with a price.  The higher the reward you seek, the more you can expect to pay, and the spell Jared thinks will change their destiny instead puts them on a collision course with Fate.  It changes him, twists him in mind and soul, transforming the boy Jez loves into the madman who will someday take her life.

With only three years left until the day she now knows she can’t avoid, Jez discovers she and Jared share the same zipcode again as he sows death and destruction in the streets of LA.  But rather than flee for another city, Jez pits herself against the monster she once loved, the monster she helped create, determined to make sure no one else gets caught in the crossfire of their attempt to cheat their fates.

Call it redemption if you want.  Jez calls it Tuesday.

Go to Chapter One


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